Safe and Secure Data Management for Federal Agencies

Federal agencies depend on data for a variety of reasons including weather forecasting, intelligence analysis and energy research. These agencies must organize, analyze and interpret the meaning of massive amounts data while ensuring it remains in the right hands. Many agencies are turning to cloud technologies to protect their sensitive data. These technologies offer security and performance that is high-quality, as well as a way to manage large-scale data analytics and data science without the fear that data will be compromised.

However, simply putting data in the cloud isn’t enough. Data is constantly being hacked by malicious actors within and outside organizations. To protect data, federal agencies must make use of a broad range of security tools and platforms that include the most appropriate technology platforms to ensure the security of data during its transit during its resting and storage in the cloud.

A defense-in-depth architecture with strict access control at each layer of the data stack is vital to secure and safe data management. This stops thieves from taking important information and prevents data from being compromised or deleted even in the event that a server goes down.

Another best practice is to implement data separation that is able to separate low-sensitivity data from sensitive data. This can help prevent data breaches and enables organizations to adhere to regulations including GDPR.

To keep data as safe as possible, organizations are advised to use encryption to hide the contents of files and databases. Encryption converts normal text into an unreadable code that only authorized users can understand. Many solutions offer security key management capabilities that enable organizations to keep track of and manage the keys.

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