Lesson 12 Breaking Addictions

For those suffering from addiction, Garland has found that as the brain and body become more sensitive to healthy pleasures, craving is reduced. Kundalini can bring those repressed emotions to the surface. The emotional scars that exist in us are a major contributor to addiction. We often look to yogis in a stigmatic way, https://ecosoberhouse.com/ as if they have abolished all problems in their life. We all have problems and many times we reach out to spiritual practices to better deal with our real life. When Yogi Bhajan explained Kundalini yoga to students, he said quite simply that all yoga disciplines are aimed at accomplishing one thing—to raise awareness.

Do I have to wait to get started with Kundalini Meditation?

The exact origins of Kundalini meditation are not known, although its traditions date back to approximately 1,000 BCE to 500 BCE. In Sanskrit, kundalini means “coiled snake” and references the ancient belief that each person carries “divine” energy at the base of the spine. This mediation tradition seeks to awaken, release, and harness this energy.

Kundalini Meditation: Can It Help Me To Recover From Addiction?

Don’t Mope—Cope, and Carry On. – The Purist

Don’t Mope—Cope, and Carry On..

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In a scientific study Garland and his team conducted, they found 15 minutes of mindfulness meditation can reduce pain by about 30%. This is an equivalent amount of pain relief as that provided by five milligrams of oxycodone, a common starting dose for the medication. It’s important that if you are suffering from addiction to get assistance from as many angles as possible. Our emotions are playing a large part in why we can’t stop the pattern. There is a lot to understand and a great deal of effort that needs to take place for this life transformation.

addiction meditation kundalini

Choose a Mantra

Notice your breathing and gradually start to slow it down. Your goal will be for one round of inhaling and exhaling to last about seven to eight seconds. Break your inhale and exhale into segments, such that you do short inhales or exhales broken up by pauses. You can choose to chant out loud, in a loud whisper, or silently in your head. Whatever mantra speaks to you and feels right, is right.

How the ‘Wahe Guru’ Kundalini Mantra Helps You Conquer Phobias

These changes in brain structure and function may contribute to the intrusive nature of trauma memories in PTSD. A research study on chanting showed that people in an MRI machine chanting “OM” had significant deactivation of the amygdala 5. Kundalini Yoga has been addiction meditation kundalini shown to be helpful for addictions as well. In addition, significant improvement was seen in behaviors related to active recovery and social and school/work performance 4. But is there anyone who shouldn’t use it, or for whom the practice might not be safe?

addiction meditation kundalini

Maybe weight and food problems are not really about food and weight. Maybe we should start out by loving our bodies as they are. Maybe addictions are about taking back our power from those forces and “authorities” who we have let manipulate us. Maybe every issue we face is a spiritual issue between me and myself and me and the Divine.

Choose the Length of Practice

  • When we create stress by holding in our stomachs and have a negative attitude toward this part of our body, we interfere with our normal biological functioning.
  • By confrontation, we’re allowing ourselves the opportunity to heal and accept what we are unable to change.
  • Our bodies need natural sugar and foods of the Earth element.
  • Now all this is rather depressing except for the fact that we do have some very effective vitamin and mineral supplements available to us that can satisfy our bodies.

What is the purpose of Kundalini yoga?

  • Pollution, purification, chemical additives and processing of water has debilitated our water to the extent that it cannot be fully absorbed by our cells.
  • Additionally, rather than providing instant relief, enlightenment, or “uncoiling,” proponents say that perseverance and consistent practice is needed to achieve optimal benefits.
  • If you are struggling with addiction, and working on your recovery, meditation is an excellent way to connect with your spirituality.
  • In addition, significant improvement was seen in behaviors related to active recovery and social and school/work performance 4.

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