How to Delete duplicate lines or remove rows in Notepad++

Select the “Comment & Number” tab, and enter “//” under the Open textbox, and select a green color as the “Foreground color” under the Styler dialog. Despite loving the act of writing in a notebook, I must admit that in recent years, I haven’t done so as often. It’s something that was on my mind as I printed out the pages for my 2023 notepad today. The time and date are entered automatically, and the cursor is placed on the next line ready for you to start typing your log or journal entry. Save the file when you’re done and close Notepad. In contrast, the third-party EaseUS LockMyFile seems to be the most efficient and comprehensive solution to encrypt a file but it needs a download and installation.

  • I have removed all the plugins and tried again but in vain.
  • These challenges include ghosting, feathering, and an utter intolerance for any wet ink, be it gel or fountain.
  • If this is my project and were talking about millions of players information where concurrent reading and writing or data is needed will use my own ManagedDbf.

SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is the standard language for relational database management systems. From APIs to configuration files, JSON is now everywhere. JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation and has become the defacto computer format readable by humans to store structured data.

How to Import XML File into Excel | Convert XML to Excel

Combine all the “a” files together and find duplicates. The file would then be cut into a number of smaller files, say along alphabetical lines. All lines starting with a in 1 file, b in another and so on. Depending on size it may even need to be “aa”, “ab”, “ac” etc.

The Julia data ecosystem provides DataFrames.jl to work with datasets, and perform common data manipulations. CSV.jl is a fast multi-threaded package to read CSV files and integration with the Arrow ecosystem is in the works with Arrow.jl. Online computations on streaming data can be performed with OnlineStats.jl.

As Python is often used for scripting, lightweight text editors like notepad++ or even plain notepad can be useful Python tools. The second option is to run a virtual machine on your Mac. This is the option to choose if stability and an absolute minimum of bugs are needed.

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Open-source Audacity can record and edit audio files on more tracks than you can imagine. It is perfect for noobs and pros alike, on any desktop OS. Julia makes it possible to build complete applications. Write web UIs with Dash.jl and Genie.jl or native UIs with GTK.jl.

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Now, wait until the installing procedure gets completed and when it completed click on the option of Finish and in your device notepad++ will get installed. Looks as very simple but has many additional features that make it useful for the developers. Click Finish to complete the setup and run the program. You can now start coding or editing scripts using Notepad++. Follow the simple guide I provided below to download and install Notepad++ on your PC for free.

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